Monday, May 4

Week 7, almost kinda close to done!

Now that the Cure is almost over, I FINALLY have time to actually be productive. This weekend, since I took Friday off, I had a lot of time to check things off the big to-do list.

I cleaned up the kitchen, and was able to eat at home all weekend, I don't think I've been able to do that in couple months. I also cleaned out the bathroom a bit. I still have the shower head soaking in vinegar, hopefully it does a good job cleaning it... if not, it might be time for a new one.

The big things I was able to cross off were in the main room. I finally hung the room divider curtain I bought 6 months ago.
Week 7 - Bedroom & Living Room, Divided
It really makes the place feel much lighter and airier, but still does its job of providing a bit of privacy in the bedroom.
Week 7 - Bedroom w/ Room Divider
That duvet cover is also new. I really like the color, but I miss the print and comfort of my other.

Oh, and I was able to hang mirrors! I have mirrors now! I always forget how important mirrors are when I only have the one bathroom mirror.
Week 7 - Dressing Corner
They even turned that little nook into the perfect little dressing area, complete with a little vanity table and sheepskin rug. It even inspired me to purge and reorganize my wardrobe. I love it!

There's still just one more week left in the Cure, but I'm really really pleased with how everything has turned out so far.


laura said...

LOVE the mirrors!!

House of Milk said...

wow, great job! i love the mirrors, too. so (seemingly) easy, yet the idea has never occurred to me.